After several brands’ survey and millions of customers’ actual wearing, the market has a strong need of finding a lighter weight, better uniformity with higher functionality fiber for activewear and sportswear.

Little King Ind. Co. Ltd. has started research with polymer institution and fiber texturing plant for developing this well balanced fiber since Sep 2012.

Fortunately, a new revolutionary fiber is developed and marketed as “POISE YARN” from Little King Ind. Co., Ltd.

With a state of the art technology, POISE YARN is not only able to overcome low durability but also achieve light weight and comfort skin touch. In one word, POISE YARN offers a superior combination of Durable, Functional and Elegant features to customers.

Little King Ind. Co., Ltd. R&D team analyzed all kinds of the yarns and fabric constructions in order to find the root cause between esthetics and yarn properties.

Snag defects are one of the major problems in knitted fabrics that can be concluded by distorted loop construction. Via new textured process, a well-balanced fiber can optimize dense and flat surface. The undeniable advantage is outstanding snag pod (BS 8479) and snagging (ASTM D-3939) performance than textiles made from regular conventional draw textured yarn for at least half grade better.

POISE YARN makes fabric fabulous.

What makes POISE YARN different from conventional false twist polyester filament? Little King Ind. Co., Ltd. discovered a breakthrough texturizing process to offer next generation polyester for functional textiles.

POISE YARN can deliver light weight with bulky Hand, UV-Cut with smooth stitching.
POISE YARN is next generation material for most UV protective shirt ever that combine fast Dry time, anti-snagging, anti-clinging with non-see through function in one.

Little King Ind., Co., Ltd. is able to make recycled version POISE YARN from post-consumer bottles.

POISE YARN will be the best solution material for sports, sportswear and outdoor customers who are looking for better quality and performance.
POISE YARN is suitable for running top, soccer uniform, golf polo, training suit and light-weight base Layer.

Similar to anti-see through yarn with high TiO2 amount, POISE YARN can meet permanent UPF requirement without using full dull Yarn because of special yarn texturing. It creates “Higher Construction Density” and “Less Porosity”, leads to a higher UPF rate than conventional poly fabrication in the same construction.

With special structure loop, the special yarn construction can distress the shine. Even in semi dull luster, POISE YARN can achieve the dull appearance of conventional full dull yarn. What's more, the roundness structure also offers smooth cotton like hand feel.

POISE YARN’s unique construction gives it a quick dry characteristic due to excellent water absorption. The fast wicking and spreading speed helps POISE compete to or even better than conventional sweat-suit fabric.

POISE YARN is able to achieve good anti-snagging, less pilling concern and light weight all together without worrying about the thicker yarn, heavy weight, and non-stretch performance in conventional
twist yarn.

To support the global trend of sustainability, POISE YARN also provides recycled version made from post-consumer bottles. Reduce waste to benefit the environment.

By adopting new textured process, the well-balanced POISE fiber can optimize dense and flat surface. It creates an outstanding snag pod (BS 8479) and snagging (ASTM D-3939) performance than regular conventional draw textured yarn textile for at least half grade better.

01. Dot Eyelot PFP snap shot from Conventional Recycled Poly Yarn

02. Dot Eyelot Snap Shot from POISE Yarn in Recycled Poly

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